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Franco Bello Music hosts tailored Online Music Coaching,

and Creative Music Design.


Franco Bello's VIRTUAL MUSIC ACADEMY offers both pre-packaged online courses as well as active online, tailored guidance.


Franco Bello's CREATIVE MUSIC SHOWCASE exhibits songs, soundtracks and instrumental albums ranging across various genres and artistic visions.



Franco Bello has been teaching and guiding artists for the past 25 years in creative and performance streams. His songs have been heard across the globe and his music has graced numerous films and TV shows.


From teaching little ones to University students his ability to connect to the individual is uncanny, as is his passion for transferring the essence of music creation and enjoyment. This platform connects you to his passion sphere and you can connect with a remarkable sonic curator that is able and willing to embolden your creative life with immense skill, understanding and wisdom.


As a unique sonic curator, songwriter, arranger, producer and film composer with a passion for community, creativity and stories, his music embodies journeys through time with his own unique take on reason and emotion. From soundtracks for TV shows to songs for Broadway his music aims to connect to your soul.

Welcome to Franco Bello's music world.

"My music reflects my life. I believe that our legacy consists not only of our creative peaks as artists but also of the deliberate impact we make in our communities with each song, each soundtrack, each story."

Franco Bello


Want to learn more about Franco Bello Music? 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Raapkraal Crescent, Cape Town, South Africa

WhatsApp: +27 83 63 007 30

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Original Soundtrack for SAFTA Award-winning 'Death of a Queen':


Music Composed and Produced by Franco Bello

Death of a Queen:Queen's Funeral

Death of a Queen:Queen's Funeral

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