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Piano, Keyboard

If you want to start off with learning the basics again or even take up doing music for the very first time, or if you are keen on finally playing that Bach or Bacharach, then Franco Bello's VMA is here to assist.

Reach out to us and let us scale the songs and piano techniques together from the comfort of your living room or desk.


Styles of music we love to coach in are Classical, Pop and Jazz.  

Please send an email query for more info.



At least with your voice always at hand you do not need to be close to an instrument to get some music going. 

Franco Bello's VMA is ready to coach you via online vocal training that will strengthen your voice, solidify your sound and focus on the songs that you want to focus on. So no boring songs on the cards here for you. Also in this case Franco Bello's VMA coaches Pop, Musical Theatre & Folk.

Please send an email query for more info.


Piano Basics for Producers

Numerous producers complain about how they wish they knew the scales and chords that would make up the song elements they are searching for, so Franco Bello's VMA is happy to assist. 

If you are a budding producer who feels that you need to 'up your game' when it comes to chords, melodies and how they fit together Franco Bello's VMA is here to guide you. 

Please send an email enquiry for more info.

All music styles are welcome.


Songwriting - NEW!

The mysteries of how a ballad is put together is revealed in seven easy steps as Franco Bello guides you step by step in his new Online Course.

The course is pre-recorded and packaged with lots of videos explaining the step by step process in great detail, as if you are sitting with him in the room and watching him actually writing a song. 


Furthermore he includes two lyric framework sets as well as two ballad backing tracks composed specifically for this course, so you can just focus on the words and the melody.


Please send an email below for more info.


IGCSE / A Level

VMA also offers CIE IGCSE and AS/ A Level Music courses support.

IGCSE Music consists of:

  • Music theory

  • History

  • World music

  • Performance

  • Composition

AS/ A Level Music consists of:

  • Case studies in Classical music

  • Performance

  • Composition

Weekly course submissions and feedback keeps you on track. For a more detailed break-down please email below.

Franco Bello's
Virtual Music Academy

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