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  • To start with any of these options, simply make contact using the email button at the bottom of this page.

  • Your first session is normally a free consultation where we meet each other and you get a feel for how I run the online sessions and I get to understand your intention and expectations clearly.

  • Fees are either in ZAR or USD and are payable in advance of each month upon receipt of the invoice.  

  • If sessions are missed a minimum of 24-hrs notice is required, yet I am always happy to assist in case of emergencies.

  • Zoom (sessions and live doc sharing) and WhatsApp (doc and video sharing) are normally used for all VMA sessions.

Piano Sessions:

Online piano sessions are conducted via Zoom once or twice weekly. I will only need a digital copy of your music/chord chart to follow along and further assistance will be sent via WhatsApp (e.g. videos to indicate fingering, chords, technique etc). Both exam/graded as well as purely for-fun options are happily accommodated. Jazz, Classical through Improv & Pop.   

Vocal Sessions:

For your singing sessions we focus on vocal warm-ups, technical development as well as songs that you choose that match your current technical level. Both exam as well as for-fun options are catered for. Zoom is also the preferred method of facilitation. Backing tracks are normally sourced from sites such as  

Production Keys:

This is a fairly new option with an exclusive focus on assisting anyone with coming to grips with how keys, chords and matching chord sequences to a beat, works. We focus on scale types, chord types, effective chord patterns and keyboard techniques to bring your melody/song to life. Often the student initiates a melodic idea and we explore various harmonic options, or we break down various case studies to see how effective songs work in terms of key, harmony, beat and mood.

Theory Sessions:

With these sessions we work through basics of how music is put together - time signature, key signatures, modality, note values, pitch options, clefs, ostinato, cadences, etc - in order to create a meaningful grasp of how it can be used in your musical expression. Trinity theory workbooks are very useful and we use both Zoom and WhatsApp to teach, share workbook pages, and give feedback. Grade levels 1 through 8 are offered here.    

IGCSE / A Level Music:

These academic options are exclusively reserved as options for students who are CIE students already, and who wish to receive support via this online study option. IGCSE and A Level Music follow a set syllabus geared at preparing students for tertiary studies in music at university level. Weekly assignments and assessments are provided via designed workbooks together with a minimum of 2 x Zoom check-in sessions weekly. Please reach out for more information in regards to the format and fees for both options.

Please reach out with any more questions or queries for any of the above options.

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